Masterlist of bands/boybands/girlbands - PART 1

I have put together a masterlist of bands/boybands/girlbands. It is basically a masterlist to persuade and help people to choose to play a different faceclaim instead of the One Directions boy. I have nothing against people using the 1D boys but I’d love to see other musical faceclaims use who happen to be a part of a group. I’m aware that not all of these faceclaims have gifs but they will soon! Like or reblog if this has helped you. 

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If you really like someones blog, drop them a little message telling them.

If you see someone’s selfie and think they’re pretty, tell them.

If you see someone’s having a hard time or a crappy day, inbox them telling them how much you appreciate it.

If someone posts a cool edit, tell them how awesome it is.

Sharing a little love around the fam isn’t hard and doesn’t take much, but it has a lovely affect and there’s no better feeling that making someone smile. :)

I miss the blog :(

posted 2 weeks ago

Perrie took off her engagement ring and put a black band instead in respect of the poor families in Africa


queenrps character psd 004

this is my 4th character psd which yet again isn’t very complicated. if you download it, please like/reblog. 

the fonts used are orator std and aparajita (which should be pre installed into photoshop). 

i also used a gradient from this pack.

download here and here.

#ch psd


like mother… like daughter!

I haven’t been on this account in ages! Hello guys!?


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